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Cast aluminum mask with welded cage frame body filled with Yukon river rocks , and garnished with copper wire fringe on the hood and sleeves of his quspuk. The figure is holding a portion of an old weathered fishing net draped in his hands with no fish in it , representing the state of the villages and subsistence fishermen in Alaska in recent years as their voices go unheard for the sale of industry and commercial interests elsewhere.

I frequently incorporate recycled materials in my welded sculptures as I appreciate efforts to cleaner landfills and conservation. The copper wire in this piece was reclaimed from a house demolition project my cousin worked on.

The stones represent place in my work. It seems to me, that humans carry their home influences with them wherever they go I life. Geography and culture have such a huge force in our decision making and preferences for so many things , almost imprinted in our dna. The stones in my pieces are chosen for significant places in my life, most often from the banks of the Yukon river where I spent the majority of my formative years.

Empty Nets

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