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tammy holland head shot, local artist in Fairbanks, AK

I am Tammy Holland...

I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and grew up alternating between Fairbanks and fish camp on the Yukon River near Rampart City.  My family led a subsistence lifestyle hunting, fishing, and gathering in the summers while creating a legacy of breeding, training, and professionally competing in both sprint and distance dog mushing in winters.  I managed to avoid the dog fever growing up by escaping into my imagination and spending endless hours drawing, sketching, and painting. 

When I was sixteen I went to live with my father in Palm Springs, California, where I had the privilege of studying under two exceptional instructors who encouraged me to enter in local art competitions.  I graduated high school with several scholarships, an acceptance letter to the Colorado Art Institute, and every intention of immersing myself in the art world when I got sidetracked with the grandest adventure of raising my family of two boys for the better part of twenty years. 

When my family required less of my time and attention I found my way back to my passion for art as I began to spend all of my free time painting acrylic landscapes, flowers, and Alaskan animals.  As I got reacquainted with my brushes I began to acquire an excessive amount of canvases until my mother recommended taking them to local galleries; where a local gallery owner recommended taking a drawing class at UAF.  Never being one to go small measures, I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


I am passionate about my work in sculpture and painting, both of which have become an avenue to revisit, appreciate, and celebrate my roots in an Athebaskan/Yupik family that honors the traditions of native culture and a simple subsistence lifestyle.  My art is a reflection of my childhood, celebrating nature and the strong matriarchal bonds that shaped my character.


I play with a bold color pallet and perspectives, often blowing up the subject to larger than life.  Bright happy imagery makes the body of my work.

bear sculpture from tammy holland
tammy holland sculpture on display in Anchorage
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