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Updated: Sep 16, 2023

The Fairbanks Skatepark Coalition and Doyon sponsored a mural project in the fairly new skatpark here in Fairbanks. We have been discussing , emailing, and sketching for about ten months and this week we got to has been delightful! I honestly did not know how wonderful and diverse the skater community would be in my home town. There are all ages represented and everyone is so positive and supportive of each other! I learned a lot this past week in the park and I cannot recommend the experience enough! Th The kids are so encouraging to one another and everyone takes turns and seems to be happy to mentor the inexperienced skaters,bikers, rollerbladers,and scooter riders as they discuss tricks and tactics for the obstacles. It reminded me of watching the athletes at WEIO elevate each other.

As an artists and sometimes the grind of shows and production pressure can empty your creativity cup, so to speak, but this project..... it has genuinely filled my soul and charged my creative battery. The children were so curious and kind, there are kids as young as 25 months that enjoy the park! The mornings are frequented with homeschooled kids and people on lunch breaks... sometimes young adults stop in three or four times in a nine hour work day just to check the progress. So many of the young people rolled over while I worked to say thank you they like the art and think I'm improving their park. Ian humbled and so happy I got to be a part of such a wonderful project for our community.

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